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Gregor Schlierenzauer is in a crisis at the beginning of 2016, he almost burned out at the age of 26. He pulls the emergency brake because he is in a problematic situation. Everything has become more and more pointed to him. Symptoms such as exhaustion, partial overload, and lack of motivation occur. His situation seems to have started, positive prospects are missing. Even health is scandalized. In the end even a crossbreaking crack occurs during skiing. The cause of this crises lies far back in the career of Gregor. Since he was 12 years old, Gregor is "obsessed" with becoming the best in the world. At 14 he came to the boarding school and at 16 he had already successfully entered the WC. The homesickness plagued him. It went steeply uphill, without a break! Without realizing it, he sacrificed his youth as his dreams shaped him. Success succeeded. At 23, he was the most successful ski jumper ever. After the boarding school, he was finally back to the family. With his relationship to the 5 years older girlfriend came his own home and private independence.


A new FIS regulations brought major changes from 2012, at the same time the relationship with Sandra and Gregor got cracks and Gregor suddenly caught up with the early success. He became more and more aware that he had missed a lot through the ski jumping sport. When the victory became more difficult, he asked himself the question, What is the purpose of further development? After the crucifixion and the forced break, Gregor goes on a search for a trace at this time and returns to Stams, where he started his training. What he finds is the joy of the young athletes, who still have everything before them. It motivates him to use everything again, he wants to go on and continue to say yes to life as a ski jumper. He wants to re-experience this feeling that he loves so much. The realization that he must find a way out of the crisis requires changes. He must work on himself, change. The path so far has not brought him any further. To go further, however, he also needs a new team, which motivates him and is better suited to him. Gregor knows he has to recharge his batteries. With all. He must first find the childish joy of ski jumping. In the end the fun as a competitor. His new team is consistently helping him to release the necessary energy. In the end it is a common continuation.

Gregor returns early in the 2016/2017 season when he first wanted to. It is nevertheless a necessity. The search for perfection, the ease, the necessary flight feeling and the necessary energy, only succeeds if he manages to collect enough flight kilometers. He must build confidence in himself again. The re-entry also seems to succeed. Top ten placements in the middle of the WC season in Wisla and Zakopane confirm his way. A crash in Oberstdorf during the ski flying shocked everyone, it looks bad. Gregor is taken away in the stretcher. According to the MRI, however, he is only slightly injured in the diagnosis. He takes it relatively easy and continues to exercise patience, but without letting go. He is immediately again focused on his goal, soon to want to be among the best again. Gregor's conversations with his new manager, Hubert Neuper, with colleagues such as Niko Rosberg confirm him not to be the only top-flight athlete who has been scrambling for a kind of "crisis". Stronger than before, a goal that only the best of the best has achieved. Gregor is on his way. He wants to be an Olympian winner in 2018.



Length: 52 Minutes

Release13.11.2017 / 20.15 Uhr / Servus TV & 18.11.2017 / 18.00 Uhr / ORF 1

on demand


Further information:


Producer: Gerald Salmina

Script, Director: Gerald Salmina

Executive Producer: Katrin Pischounig

First Assistant Director: Marvin Salmina

Camera: Günther Göberl, Gerald Salmina, Franz Hinterbrandner, Johannes Aitzetmüller, Hans Hornberger, Bernhard Popovic

Focus Puller: Robert Neumeyer, Felix Schwarz, Martin Kreslehner

Drone: Rainer Raitmaier, Carsten Darr, Franz Hinterbrandner, Peter Rösner

Sound: Peter Rösner, Robert Neumeyer, Florian Rabl, Johannes Stelzl, Michi Grill

Edit: David Hofer

Sound Design: Andreas Frei

Color Grading: Karim Shafik

Production Red Bull: Grit König, Julian Schreib

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