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Gerald Salmina

Humans are sometimes inclined to "boundless" optimism - a mild form of megalomania. But without this basic psychological structure, many achievements, discoveries and adventures would not have been possible, and many disappointments would have been insurmountable. In an increasingly “germ-free and equal” world, there are still people who are willing to push physical and emotional boundaries. It is probably in the nature of mankind to long for adventure and confirmation in unknown spaces, albeit often using one's own physique. Gerald Salmina's work provides a dramatic and broad insight into this extreme and fascinating world: the dream of flying - waves that have an archaic elemental power - the myth of the mountains that become the benchmark for a few ...

The focus of Gerald Salmina's films is on "larger than life" settings, inspired by people in challenging play with Mother Nature, who become actors in their own stories.


"Since 1996 we have been running (Gerald & Ruth Salmina) Planet Watch Film Productions. Our aim is to document nature sports, despite remote areas or mountains. When coming back to Austria we start to search magic moments in our mountains which felt very natural to us. Our experience for productions in exposed environments reached the highest level verifiable. Our passion after all this years is still unabated to tell stories when being out in the wilderness filming athletes who play with mother nature´s pride. We feel privileged to record all these amazing features on camera." - Gerald Salmina

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